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There are many reasons to visit Hokkaido, and if you are here looking at this page you must be familiar with at least one of them, probably its legendary powder snow? Well, on that topic, did you know exactly HOW MUCH snow falls in Northern Japan? About 3 times more than Northern American or European ski resorts (that is an average of 23-24 metres per season!). That means most days in peak season will be powder days. AND in most of the less-commercial resorts the locals are only interested in groomed runs. Meaning.. yes, you get the idea. Lots of fresh tracks.

But if you will be skiing all this powder all day long you will need to replenish your energies and give your muscles a chance to recover just so you can do it all again the following day! It’s just as well that Hokkaido has a huge number of gorgeous onsens (japanese for natural thermal hot baths – some are even part of the hotels we stay at), each with a specific blend of minerals allowing for all sorts of healing and recoveries from aches and pains. And some of them even allow you to drink a cold beer while soaking in the hot water! Bonus!!


By the time you leave the onsen you will be in the perfect mood for a tasty japanese dinner: homemade soba noodles,  okonomiyaki, yakitori, sushi, ramen, soup curry, shabu shabu.. each day we will try to sample a different delicacy. The staples of Japanese food are simple: fresh and tasty ingredients cooked in a healthy way without adding too much. Ideal to refuel yourself for the next day!

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